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Corsair - Force F40 - 40 Go

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Force 40 Go S-ATA II - Quinzaine du...
Corsair a choisi un contrôleur Sandforce comme base de sa nouvelle gamme brillamment nommée Force. Et cela pourrait marquer un tournant dans...
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CORSAIR Disque Mémoire SSD 2.5 force...
Format : 2.5 Interface SATA II Vitesses : Lecture : 280 Mo/s - Ecriture : 270 Mo/s Ecriture aléatoire 4k : 15000 IOPS / 50000 IOPS (alignées)
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Référence CSSD-F40GB2
Capacité 40 Go
Format 2,5''
Type de mémoire Nand MLC
Contrôleur SandForce SF-1200
Compatible Trim oui
Interface interne Sata 3 Gbps
Débit lecture max. 285 MHz
Débit écriture max. 275 Mo/s
IOPs (4 K, aléatoire) 50000 IOP/s
MTBF 1 millions d'heures
Garantie 3 an(s)
  • en Storage Review 5/5
    The new low-capacity 40GB Corsair Force F40 is a stunner. Compared to other boot-only drives it blows the competition out of the water by retaining the high read and write speeds of its higher capacity brothers. In our real-world benchmarks the difference is amazing when you compare this drive against the Intel X25-V, which is in the same price category, but limited in write speed. It speeds ahead in our Productivity trace and soars in the HTPC trace, thanks to the 240MB/s write speeds compared to the Intel’s 40MB/s.
  • en Vortez Hardware 5/5
    So ultimately, with the F40 you are investing in a extremely fast and reliable drive. The F40 being 40GB comes in at a lower price than the larger capacity drives out there. So for around £100 you are able to have a blazingly fast OS drive that comes with a decent 2 years warranty.
  • en KitGuru 5/5
    Raid 0 with Corsair F40 is delicious, if you have the funds, make sure to give it a whirl because we are confident you won’t be disappointed.
  • en TechPowerUp 4/5
    In our performance testing the Force F40 delivers very respectable performance which is basically on par with that of other Sandforce drives, except for two scenarios: Battlefield 2 Patch and ISO File Copy. Overall this means that the performance difference is roughly 10% compared to other Sandforce drives using 8 flash channels vs. 7 on the F40.
  • en TweakTown 4/5
    Best of both worlds? Not exactly, but the Corsair Force F40 is cheap enough, and fast enough to be considered if you are looking for an SSD on a budget. Before now there really wasn’t a viable option that allowed users to get close to the level of performance associated with solid state drives.
  • en TechRadar 4/5
    Can a small drive with great speed hit the SSD sweet spot?
  • fr Cowcotland 3/5
    i le Force en 40 Go était un peu moins cher, il serait un premier achat de choix, mais ce n'est pas le cas, du moins pour le moment.
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